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Christine AbernathyChristine Abernathy(Click here for classes)
Christine is an Engineer in the Developer Advocacy team at Facebook. In this role, she is focused on supporting strategic Open Graph partnerships and helping grow the mobile developer ecosystem with an emphasis on Android, iOS, and the mobile Web. Prior to Facebook, Christine worked at MShift, a mobile banking software provider, delivering iPhone apps and mobile browser-based products. She has a long history in the mobile space, including cofounding Clickmarks (a mobile and enterprise middleware provider) in 1999. Christine has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.
Alex BannerjeeAlex Bannerjee(Click here for classes)
Alex is a Software Engineer for Apkudo working on Android system hacking while engineering the perfect G&T. Alex uses his programming (as an R and MongoDB whiz) and problem-solving skills to deliver smart solutions for App Analytics and Device Analytics alike. His most recent projects include Android application stability analysis and the integration of Node.js, MongoDB and R for Apkudo Device Analytics.
Lee S. BarneyLee S. Barney(Click here for classes)
Lee is the creator of the QuickConnectFamily framework for JavaScript-based, cross-platform hybrid applications and a professor in the Computer Information Technology Department at Brigham Young University, Idaho. He served as CIO and CTO of @HomeSoftware, a company that produced Web-based mobile data and scheduling applications for the home health care industry. He is also the author of "Developing Hybrid Applications for the iPhone."
Twitter : @quickconnect
Chris BrownChris Brown(Click here for classes)
Christopher is a Senior Director at Millennial Media, focused on developer strategy and support. While at Millennial, Chris has also worked as a Senior Engineer where he was responsible for creating tools to support developers across every major platform, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. He was the cofounder of TapMetrics, a mobile analytics company that was acquired by Millennial Media in 2010. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Chris holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a frequent speaker at industry events including SXSW, Android Developers Conference, iOS DevCamp, and 360iDev.
Mike BurtonMike Burton(Click here for classes)
Michael is the Android Engineering Manager at Groupon. Prior to joining Groupon, he built Android applications for some of the industry's leading mobile companies, including TripIt, OpenTable and Digg. He's in the top 10% of contributors for the Android and Java tags on Stackoverflow.  

He's the co-author of "Android Application Development for Dummies" and has flown a project on the Space Shuttle. Mike has spoken on Android development at conferences in London, Boston, Silicon Valley, and Rio. You may be interested in RoboGuice, his open-sourced Android framework used by Facebook, Google and others
Twitter : @emmby
Chiu-Ki ChanChiu-Ki Chan(Click here for classes)
Chiu-Ki was on the Android server team when the G1 came out. She switched to app development when she moved to the maps team, building Google Mobile Maps for Android. After brief stints in Web development at two startups, Chiu-Ki is now back at her Android roots with her own company for Android development. The first title is "Monkey Write," an app for learning Chinese writing.
Twitter : @chiuki
Morrison ChangMorrison Chang(Click here for classes)
Morrison is a veteran software developer currently engaged as an Integration Engineer for Medialets, where he is helping other developers add rich mobile ads to their apps on multiple platforms. He started out working on embedded programming in C and assembly at Symbol Technologies (now Motorola Solutions), slid into finance with Perl, did more C/C++, SQL and, Java (at famous and infamous names), and is now involved in mobile.

He got his G1/ADP back in 2009, and is a commit level/lead member of the skylight1 open-source project. A known face around the Android scene in New York City, Morrison has presented at BarCamp NYC and the NYPC’s Java Mobile Group. Morrison received his BS in Computer and System Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California.
Twitter : @codeledger
Tom ChavezTom Chavez(Click here for classes)
Tom recently joined the NOOK team and is focused around evangelizing the NOOK platform to the developer community at large. He loves working with developers, helping them bring their products to market by providing great tools, support, service and evangelism.

Tom has spent many years focused on developer relations and product management. He has worked with developers at a technical level, building these relationships and helping them excel on platforms. During his career Tom has worked at ACCESS (on products for Android), Apple Computer, Taligent, PalmSource, and Sun Microsystems.
Twitter : @NookTomChavez
Dean CoclinDean Coclin(Click here for classes)
Dean is a Senior Director of Business Development at Symantec. He has been involved with the security of the mobile ecosystem for the past seven years, having worked with Windows Phone, Symbian, Palm OS, Java Verified and WAC. Dean has worked at several security firms in the Boston area, including CyberTrust, GeoTrust and PGP. He has a BSEE from George Washington University and an MBA from Babson College.
Bear DouglasBear Douglas(Click here for classes)
Bear is a Developer Advocate at Facebook, where she works with new Platform developers on their Open Graph integrations, social design, and use of Facebook's APIs and mobile SDKs. She is responsible for organizing HACKs and other developer outreach. If you want to start a Facebook developer meetup, she wants to hear from you.
James DreherJames Dreher(Click here for classes)
James is the Android platform subject matter expert at BlackBerry. His current mandate is to support the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps, while assisting developers in porting and repackaging their existing Android applications to run on the BlackBerry 10 mobile computing platform. James has also supported enterprise development through his involvement with the BlackBerry Premier Support group, as well as the Corporate Developer Program.
Twitter : @james_dreher
Ashok EmaniAshok Emani(Click here for classes)
Ashok is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation working on Android IA enabling efforts. He is currently working on Intel Atom-based tablets, doing Android apps performance and functionality analysis. Ashok spoke at Intel Developer Forum on Android x86 NDK usage and conducted lab sessions for porting NDK-based Android Apps to IA. His previous experience includes Virtualization/Cloud frameworks, Performance/Benchmarking, Storage IO technologies and embedded software development.
Ethan EvansEthan Evans(Click here for classes)
Ethan is Director of App Developer Services at Prior to his current role, he also served as Director of Software and Video Games, as well as Director of Digital Video, where he led the launch of Amazon Instant Video. Prior to Amazon, Mr. Evans held several executive positions in online digital content delivery and high-speed networking. He holds an MS from Purdue University and a BS from Carnegie Mellon University.
Andrea FalconeAndrea Falcone(Click here for classes)
Andrea is an Engineer at Crashlytics, focusing on building Crashlytics for Android. She has been an active mobile developer since 2006 with expertise in Java for BlackBerry and Android. Prior to Crashlytics, Andrea was a lead developer at Verivo Software where she lead the company's mobile enterprise development platform.

Her past talks include BlackBerry DevCon 2009 and 2010, where she presented on topics on Lua scripting language to comparing Android and BlackBerry development on the nature of application lifecycle and UI elements. In 2012, Andrea co-presented a 60-minute session on designing applications for tablets and smartphones with similar UI metaphors.
Twitter : @asfalcone
Leon FarasatiLeon Farasati(Click here for classes)
Leon Farasati is a staff product manager for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. He is responsible for Qualcomm Snapdragon development platforms, including Snapdragon MDP and DragonBoard as well as the Snapdragon for Embedded Computing program.

Leon has more than 10 years of experience in various design engineering and product management roles in the computing industry. Prior to joining Qualcomm, he spent six years at NVIDIA Corporation where he was most recently product manager in charge of graphics processor platforms.

Leon holds a bachelor’s of applied science in computer engineering from University of Waterloo in Canada and a master’s degree in management science and engineering from Stanford University.
Donn FelkerDonn Felker(Click here for classes)
Donn is a accomplished software engineer that has helped multiple companies successfully reach millions of users via mobile and Web. He is the founder of AndroidJobs.IO and the creator of Android Bootstrap. He is currently a partner in two startups: QONQR (MMO GPS based Game) and Agile Medicine (Health Technology). He currently advises for various startups in the southwest and west region of the USA. He has 14 years of professional experience in various markets, including entertainment, health, retail, insurance, financial and real estate.

Donn is a national speaker and author. He is the author of the best-selling "Android Application Development for Dummies," "Android Development Tools," "Android Tablet Application Development for Dummies" and has authored multiple articles on NodeJS and MongoDB. Donn currently runs the PHX Android MeetUp in Phoenix, Arizona.

Donn presents and consults on various topics ranging from software engineering, startup bootstrapping, agile practices and patterns, and of course, mobile. Read Donn's blog here at his site
Twitter : @donnfelker
Aleksandar (Saša) GargentaAleksandar (Saša) Gargenta(Click here for classes)
Aleksandar is a Technical Programs Manager on Twitter University. Prior to Twitter, Aleksandar co-founded and is the co-author of Marakana Android Internals and Security series, as well as many other titles. He has taught Android, Java, and other open-source technologies to more than 1,000 developers at companies such as Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Apple, Cisco, Disney, SalesForce, US Department of Defense and many others.

Aleksandar is also the founder and co-organizer of the San Francisco Android User Group and San Francisco Java User Group, each with more than 4,000 members. He is involved with many community-learning efforts.

Aleksandar frequently speaks at conferences and events such as AnDevCon, Android Builders Summit, Android Open, and many others. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Waterloo and lives in San Francisco Bay Area.
Twitter : @sasa
Marko GargentaMarko Gargenta(Click here for classes)
Marko is the director of Twitter University, where he helps educate Twitter engineers on cutting-edge Android and other technologies. Prior to selling Marakana to Twitter, Marko was the developer of the Marakana Android Training series. He has taught Android to 1,000+ developers at companies such as Cisco, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, HTC, Sharp, US Department of Defense, and many others.

Marko is the author of "Learning Android," which is based on Android Bootcamp and incorporates best learning practices for new developers to start creating applications for this exciting open-source mobile platform.

Marko frequently speaks at conferences and events such as OSCON, AnDevCon, DroidCon, IEEE, ACM, and many others. He lives in San Francisco.
Twitter : @markog
Garret GrajekGarret Grajek(Click here for classes)
Garret is a CISSP-certified security engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the information-security and authentication space. As Chief Technical Officer and Chief Operating Officer for SecureAuth Corp., Garret is responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s Identity Enforcement product offerings.

Prior to cofounding SecureAuth, Garret held leadership roles at some of the world’s leading technology companies, including Cisco and IBM, where he was responsible for consumer and network security products. He also served as western region lead field engineer for RSA Security.

Garret also worked at Netegrity, where he was responsible for field implementation of Access Control products, and led installations of SiteMinder, the security suite that controls all user access to the ETrade Financial Services website. He began his career as an entrepreneur and founder of an independent programming company that specialized in operating systems and network utilities. A pioneer in the use of the Linux operating system in enterprise environments, Garret was responsible for the successful completion of numerous projects for IBM, Texas Instruments and Tandem Computers. Garret also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin.
Robert GreenRobert Green(Click here for classes)
Robert is an independent video game developer from Portland who publishes mobile games under the brand Battery Powered Games. He has developed six mobile games for Android in the last two years, which include overhead 2D action games, a word puzzle game, and a 3D OTS/FPS shooter in a custom engine.

Before diving full-time into indie video game development and publishing, Robert worked for software companies in Minneapolis and Chicago, including IBM Interactive. Robert's current focus is on cross-platform game development and high-performance mobile gaming.
Dave GruberDave Gruber(Click here for classes)
Dave is Black Duck Software’s Director of Developer Marketing. Dave has a CS degree and 15 years’ experience in enterprise application development. Following a successful startup to scale large Web sites in the early days of the Internet, he spent the next 13 years actively involved in the evolution of Web technologies, working as product manager or product marketing manager for Flash Remoting, ColdFusion, Flex, and other Web development technologies. He has a long history of speaking at large and small developer conferences around the world.
Romain GuyRomain Guy(Click here for classes)
Romain is a software engineer at Google. After spending years having fun with large UIs on the desktop and talking about them at conferences, in blogs, magazines and books, Romain decided to go for the small screen and joined the Android project, an Open Source operating system for mobile phones. He's now trying to make mobile phone UIs as fun and exciting as desktop ones.
Twitter : @romainguy
Chet HaaseChet Haase(Click here for classes)
Chet works on the Android team at Google, specifically on animation, graphics and other elements of the UI toolkit. Previously, he worked on animations on the Flex team at Adobe, and on the Java client team at Sun. He’s had years of speaking experience at conferences, such as the past dozen years at JavaOne (including getting "Rock Star" speaker status the past three years), the past two years at Adobe MAX, and the past 5+ years at Devoxx/JavaPolis.
Twitter : @chethaase
Lars HardLars Hard(Click here for classes)
Lars has over 20 years of experience in running advanced Artificial Intelligent development teams, both in Europe and North America. In 1984, he started Greve Gaphics, the first video game developer in Scandinavia, and has since pioneered large-scale use of AI. In 2006, Lars founded Expertmaker as an AI platform solution that would help transform search, discovery and recommendation, and enable broad deployment of intelligent solutions for companies and developers.

Lars is also a guest lecturer at Lund University on the topics of theoretical ecology and genetics and is a frequent speaker at conferences on technology innovation and mobile evolution. In 2012, he was a featured speaker at Mobile World Congress in one of the most popular seminars, Mobile Innovation: A Vision of 2022.
Chris HasemanChris Haseman(Click here for classes)
Chris is the lead Android developer for Tumblr. Previously, he was an early Android engineer behind the doubleTwist media player. He has been writing mobile software in various forms since 2003 and was involved in several large-scale Brew projects, from MMS messaging to Major League Baseball. He’s a faculty member of General Assembly in New York City, and just published "Creating Android Applications." He lives in Brooklyn, where he constantly debates shaving his beard.
Twitter : @haseman
Bob HeubelBob Heubel(Click here for classes)
Bob is a Haptic Technology Evangelist with Immersion Corporation, specializing in helping developers implement what is known as force-feedback, tactile-feedback or rumble-feedback effects. He holds a dozen patents in the field of Haptics and has spent more than 14 years working with developers, carriers and hardware OEMs to design and program tactile sensations into game and interaction experiences. You may have felt some of Bob’s work in Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Max Payne for Android. Bob graduated from UC Berkeley in 1989 with a BA in English Literature.
Twitter : @BobHeubel
Yinon HorwitzYinon Horwitz(Click here for classes)
Yinon works as part of the StartApp marketing team. He is in charge of the company’s media buying, affiliate program and funnel optimization. He also manages the company’s accounts and new business with Android developers. Yinon's past positions include advertising account manager at Kontera and project manager at Breeze Creative. He holds a BA in Economics and Business with a major in marketing and finance from The College of Management in Israel.
Twitter : @YinonHorwitz
Daniel JoyceDaniel Joyce(Click here for classes)
Daniel is a Software Engineer for Apkudo, working on keeping the App Analytics infrastructure up and running. He's been staying busy by developing the distributed infrastructure which allows his company to run its testing software on hundreds of phones—everything from the network, the database, deployment, and maintenance. Fact: Daniel hates snakes, loves Python.
Balwinder KaurBalwinder Kaur(Click here for classes)
Balwinder is a Senior Member, Technical Staff at Aptina Imaging, working on the Aptina Camera Software Stack, and Automotive Software Stacks. She has been working with the Android Camera Stack since 2011. She also participates in the GENIVI and W3C working groups related to connected cars. Prior to Aptina, she was at T-Mobile where she worked on Android applications and Android internals. She graduated with a MS in Computer Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology. Outside of work, she spends time with her two rambunctious boys, and being an assistant coach for a Junior First Lego League team.
Christian KurzkeChristian Kurzke(Click here for classes)
Christian is Developer Advocate for Google TV. He is also an open source enthusiast, committer in the Eclipse Foundation and has been working at the intersection of Linux and Java since the early 90s. Prior to Google, Christian worked in Motorola's Mobile Phone and Set-Top Box divisions. Before that, Christian was at SUN working on Java for Embedded Systems. He holds a Dipl. Inf. degree from University Erlangen, Germany, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.
Twitter : @Cnkurzke
Dario LaverdeDario Laverde(Click here for classes)
Dario is a senior developer evangelist at HTC. He has experience in software development for mobile, embedded, Web and enterprise. Among his various professional roles, he has worked as an Android instructor, consultant, Java architect, author and entrepreneur. Dario leads the NYC-GDG (Google Developer Group), the NYCJava JUG, and co-organizes the New York Android Developers Meetup. He also runs the New York City-based skylight1 open-source Android project group that is currently producing Google Glass projects.
Twitter : @nycjava
Joseph R. LewisJoseph R. Lewis(Click here for classes)
Joseph is the chief web architect at Sandia National Laboratories, where his activities include research and development of semantic web, social media, and mobile technologies for scientific collaboration and national security applications. Joseph has been a speaker at conferences nationwide and is often asked to share his expertise in web standards and mobile development techniques as a consultant and advisor across the DOE’s National Laboratory network.

Joseph is also an author of "Foundation Website Creation with CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript" and "AdvancED CSS." Joseph is a graduate of Boston’s New England Conservatory of Music and an accomplished and formerly professional double bassist and guitarist who still teaches a few students in his spare time.
Twitter : @sanbeiji
Carlo LonginoCarlo Longino(Click here for classes)
Carlo has more than a decade of experience in the mobile industry, beginning just after the turn of the century when he worked for Nokia at its headquarters in Finland and mobile data services were in their infancy. Before joining the Wireless Industry Partnership as director of developer marketing services in 2010, Carlo worked as a freelance consultant and writer while he completed an MBA.

Prior to that, he was senior analyst for Floor64, a Silicon Valley-based analyst firm, where he covered the mobile and fixed telecom industries. He also helped launch and spent five years running, a thought-leadership site owned by Nokia. Carlo is a well-known mobile blogger at, and his writing has also been published in The Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0 and Dow Jones Newswires. He has spoken and led sessions at a number of industry events, including Mobile World Congress, SXSW, MobileBeat and CTIA, among others.
Twitter : @caaarlo
Jason MarkJason Mark(Click here for classes)
With Jason at the helm, Gravity Switch continues to be the leader in New England in Web and mobile applications development. In addition to software design, Jason has written and collaborated on a handful of children’s books (both for himself and clients). He has also created ePub books, some of which are currently available in Apple's iBook store. Always passionate about teaching, Jason was one of the first professors of website design in the country. He even had students who commuted to Massachusetts from California to take his classes!
Twitter : @Jasonnmark
Jim McKeethJim McKeeth(Click here for classes)
As developer relations lead evangelist at Embarcadero Technologies, Jim is a key part of Embarcadero’s evangelism team and developer community outreach. Jim is a world-renowned and well-respected Delphi expert with more than 20 years of programming experience. He is an active member of the global Delphi community. He is the creator of the popular Podcast at interview program.

He speaks at many industry and company conferences and events all across the globe. Jim is also a regular speaker at user group meetings, and runs the local Google Developer Group in Boise, Idaho. Jim holds the patent for the swipe to unlock and pattern unlocks used on both iPhone and Android phones, plus a number of other computer and software related patents. He is passionate about helping developers move their ideas and applications forward to new levels and to new platforms.
Twitter : @JimMcKeeth
G. Blake MeikeG. Blake Meike(Click here for classes)
Blake is a passionate engineer, code poet and, as of very recently, a founding member of Twitter University. Before coming to Twitter, as an Android Evangelist for Open Source Trainers, Marakana, Blake taught nearly a thousand people the art of writing Android apps that aren't toys. He has more than 20 years of coding experience, most of it with Java, building systems as large as Amazon's massively scalable AutoScaling service and as small as a pre-Android OSS/Linux and Java-based platform for cellphones. He is co-author of O'Reilly's bestselling "Programming Android" and Wiley's new "Enterprise Android." He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Dartmouth College and lives in San Francisco Bay Area.
Twitter : @callmeike
Nathan MellorNathan Mellor(Click here for classes)
Nathan is an independent Android Developer and the author of "Android Apps for Profit." He is the CEO and Chief Developer at CritterMap Software LLC, maker of BackCountry Navigator, a top grossing app in the Travel and Local category.

Back when he had a day job, Nathan worked for Hewlett-Packard as a software engineer for 12 years. Nathan holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. In 2010, Nathan earned a Certification in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco Online, including Advanced Certification in Web Analytics and Advanced Certification in Mobile Marketing.
Twitter : @Nathan_mellor
Brent MelsonBrent Melson(Click here for classes)
Brent is the director of technology services and development for the information and communications technology (ICT) division for Intertek Testing Services. Brent is involved in the creation of Intertek IT test methodologies, as well as the design and implementation of certification programs within the mobile and wireless industry. He is also the chief architect and development manager for Intertek ICT’s range of test tools and test-automation creation.

Since joining Intertek, Brent’s expertise in emerging technologies has been instrumental to Intertek’s success. An industry expert in a number of topics, including firewalls, routers IDSs, VPNs, protocols and security devices, he is a published author in trade communications, including Byte Magazine, Data Communications, and TechZone.

He has over 18 years of experience in the IT testing field covering diverse disciplines such as the creation of synthetic benchmarks, design of usability studies, and implementation and creation of device and product acceptance programs. Brent holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of Delaware.
Twitter : @antaroth
John MontgomeryJohn Montgomery(Click here for classes)
As VP of Project Delivery at uTest, John is responsible for refining the company’s project management systems and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. In this role, John has also been tasked with helping uTest scale its capabilities to keep up with its expansive growth. He has held senior positions in quality assurance, engineering, and operations at Openwave, Polycom, SPL WorldGroup and Oracle.

At Oracle, John led a global Quality and Development team responsible for engineering productivity tools and test automation. He also developed and implemented test engineering methodologies for Vantive, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. John earned his degree in International Business Management from Texas A&M University.
Ron MunitzRon Munitz(Click here for classes)
Ron is an entrepreneur and a software development consultant with long history developing performance and safety critical software, leading development groups, and training application and platform developers.

He specializes in all aspects of distributed systems and Android internals, and considers himself to be lucky enough to combine most of his research interests into practice, as the founder and CTO of Nubo, the first Remote Android Workspace for the Enterprise. 

When not solving complex real-world problems, Ron shares his knowledge about Mobile Security, Application development, and Android Internals all over the world.

He is the author and lecturer of the first-ever academic "Introduction to Android Internals" course, taught at Afeka College of Engineering. Ron holds a Master's of computer science (with distinction) from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.
Twitter : @ronubo
Mark MurphyMark Murphy(Click here for classes)
Mark is the founder of CommonsWare and the author of "The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development," among other books on Android application development. He is active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on StackOverflow to publishing sample code and reusable components as open source.

A three-time entrepreneur, his experience ranges from consulting on open-source and collaborative development for the Fortune 500, to application development on just about anything smaller than a mainframe. He has been a software developer for nearly three decades, from the TRS-80 to the latest crop of mobile devices. Mark teaches Android application development worldwide for the public and for corporate customers.
Twitter : @commonsguy
Godfrey NolanGodfrey Nolan(Click here for classes)
Godfrey is founder and president of RIIS, a mobile development firm in the Detroit Metro area. He is also author of "Decompiling Android," "Decompiling Java" and the soon-to-be-published "Android Best Practices." Godfrey has spoken at JavaOne, ASP-Connections, VSLive, CodeMash, Code PaLOUsa, 1DevDay, and many local Java and .NET user groups on a wide range of topics, including continuous integration, executable requirements and mobile security.
Twitter : @godfreynolan
Jason OstranderJason Ostrander(Click here for classes)
Jason is a Web and Mobile Software Seveloper, currently creating apps for the Nook tablet at Barnes & Noble. Prior to that, he worked on Android media sync and playback at startup doubleTwist, solved networking problems at energy management startup Sentilla, and wrote satellite communications simulations at defense company Northrop Grumman. Jason holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. He lives with his wife in New York City.
Twitter : @jasonostrander
Ryan PaulRyan Paul(Click here for classes)
Ryan is a developer evangelist at Xamarin, a startup dedicated to building better mobile-development tools. Ryan is also a Linux enthusiast and an open-source software developer. Prior to joining Xamarin, he was a contributing editor at Ars Technica, where he wrote articles about software development. Ryan is the original creator of Ubuntu's built-in social networking framework. Ryan spends his free time stockpiling ammunition in preparation for the inevitable Roomba insurrection. He likes science fiction novels, humorously captioned felines, and surreal art.
Twitter : @segphault
Andrew PhillipsAndrew Phillips(Click here for classes)
Andrew is a seasoned adept at making complex problems accessible to a broad audience of different skill levels. He is experienced in complex technical problems that need to be communicated across many stakeholders. Andrew currently works for Beechwoods Software in Boston, MA, where is responsible for Embedded Software Development in Java and C for a large satellite television provider. He is also involved in Android development for new applications.

Prior to Beechwoods, Andrew worked for Sybase, an SAP company, where his responsibilities included writing customized VB6 software for integrating medical devices into a patient's medical record. Andrew holds a BS in Computer Science from Wheaton College.
Joe RicksonJoe Rickson(Click here for classes)
Joe is a Principal Software Engineer for Aptina Imaging. His focus is on low-level driver development. He has been working with the Android Camera Subsystem since Froyo days. In a previous life, he worked on Windows Display drivers. Joe has a BS and MS is Computer Engineering from San Jose State University. In his spare time, Joe enjoys home improvement tasks.
Arto RuotsalainenArto Ruotsalainen(Click here for classes)
Arto is the senior most technical expert at Rightware, often seen juggling multiple facets of their business simultaneously. He runs their flagship UI technology engine (Kanzi), manages all key engineering personnel (in three countries), and broadens their global appeal with his customer interactions and new business engagement. Arto started programming when he was nine years old, studied Computer Science and Project Management at Tieturi, then finally started getting paid as a programmer in 2005 for Indiepath. He then made a name for himself at Hybrid Graphics and NVIDIA, taking graphics driver development to new heights.

After multiple hands-on and management roles at Futuremark, he moved naturally into the position of running and building Rightware’s team globally. Arto has an incredible network worldwide, and if you don’t know him, he probably knows you! His passion for technology is incendiary, helping propel Rightware’s place in today’s growing 3D world.
Sonia SharmaSonia Sharma(Click here for classes)
Sonia works on the Android team at Google as a Technical Account Manager. Prior to this, she worked in various capacities (both technical and business-centric) on mobile and Web domains at Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and a few startups. She has worked on Android since 2009 and has a few Android applications in Google Play. She mentors students creating Android applications at Technovation Challenge and regularly participates in hackathons.
Mike ShaverMike Shaver(Click here for classes)
Mike is the Director of Mobile Engineering at Facebook, where his team is responsible for development of Facebook's mobile applications. Prior to Facebook, Mike oversaw the development of the Firefox Web browser as VP, Engineering at Mozilla. He holds an honorary degree from Seneca College. He's relatively tall.
Twitter : @shaver
Michael SimmonsMichael Simmons(Click here for classes)
Michael is cofounder and CEO of mobile software developer Flexibits. Michael has been marketing, business developing, and product managing Apple and mobile-related wares for over 15 years. He’s worked at Apple, Prosoft Engineering, Ambrosia Software and Cultured Code, helping to launch, market and maintain many successful apps.

With expertise in business development and a strong passion for development, Michael sees the big picture of how an apps design and marketing need to work together to provide the most successful and effective products.

Michael also likes to talk - a lot. Which is a good thing, because he has a great deal of success and experience he wants to share.
Twitter : @macguitar
Dave SmithDave Smith(Click here for classes)
Dave is the lead engineer for mobile and embedded development at Double Encore in Denver. Prior to that, he worked as an engineer developing embedded wireless monitoring and control systems for the industrial automation market. Today, his focus is primarily on writing mobile applications that interface with custom hardware and accessories. He also has a strong passion for developing custom applications and system components to run Android on Freescale and TI-based embedded platforms. He is the lead author of the popular developer cookbook “Android Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach,” and a regular guest columnist on Android developer matters at SD Times. He also provides regular developer tips and sample code on his blog:
Twitter : @devunwired
Prashant SridharanPrashant Sridharan(Click here for classes)
Prashant is a Developer Advocate at Facebook, where he helps developers around the world learn how to build great apps using the Facebook platform. Prior to Facebook, Prashant was the Director of Marketing for Amazon Web Services, the chief Product Manager for Microsoft Visual Studio, a product manager at various startups, and a software developer at Sun Microsystems. He LOVES building mobile apps, adores Ruby on Rails, and spends every moment of his free time either snowboarding or training for snowboarding season.
Twitter : @CoolAssPuppy
Joe StagnerJoe Stagner(Click here for classes)
Joe is the Director of Developer Strategy at Zend Technologies - The PHP Company. He  is a software development professional with over 30 years of software engineering and IT business experience. Prior to joining Zend, Joe held the position of Senior Program Manager of Developer Ecosystem at Mozilla. Joe also spent 10 years in the the Microsoft Developer Tools and Platforms group. Before that, he was a serial startup guy riding the dot-com wave.
Twitter : @MisfitGeek
James SteeleJames Steele(Click here for classes)
James was doing post-doctoral work in physics at MIT when he decided to join a startup in Silicon Valley. Fifteen years later he continues to innovate as VP of Engineering at Sensor Platforms, bringing research projects to production in both the consumer and mobile market. He actively presents and participates in various Silicon Valley new technology groups. Jim is also co-author of the "Android Developer's Cookbook.”
Doug StevensonDoug Stevenson(Click here for classes)
Doug is a Software Architect for DeNA, working on the Mobage platform, which is used by some of the top-grossing games in the Play Store. He has been working with Android for more than four years since the release of the first Android device, and previously was an Architect at GREE International, working on their game platform. Before that, Doug led the Android team at SoundHound, one of the Play Store's all-time top applications. He has also taught classes on Android and Java.
Moe TanabianMoe Tanabian(Click here for classes)
Moe is the Director of Mobile Technology and the User Experience Lab at Samsung in the Bay area. He is a senior Mobile Technologist and Strategist with extensive international experience, as well as a key influencer of several leading-edge mobile technologies and their evolution from both technical and business perspectives.

In the past, Moe worked for Amazon leading the efforts for building and delivering Amazon Android Appstore on Kindle Fire and HD devices, and for the wireless division of Nortel as a lead architect for CDMA and UMTS infrastructure products.

Moe is a frequent speaker at major industry events, and is often quoted by the media on the evolution of wireless technologies, smartphones and Android in particular. He holds a Master's degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, and an MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.
Twitter : @MoTanabian
Seng Keat TehSeng Keat Teh(Click here for classes)
Seng Keat is an Engineer in the Partnerships team at Facebook where he works with engineering and product teams at Facebook to make Open Graph a compelling platform for both developers and users. In this role, he also works with and advises a number of the most influential consumer internet startups in the industry, including Instagram, Airbnb and Spotify, on their integration with Open Graph and making their products social.

Previously, Seng Keat was a software engineer at, a social casual Q&A service that Facebook acquired in 2011. At, he focused on user engagement, user experience and virality.

Earlier, Seng Keat attended Stanford University for graduate school where he graduated with a Masters in Computer Science with a Distinction in Research. He also co-founded the Stanford MobiSocial Computing Research Lab with other PhD students and their advisor. Seng Keat also attended Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Economics.

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David TeitelbaumDavid Teitelbaum(Click here for classes)
David is the Vice President of Engineering at Apkudo, currently working on the new Android instrumentation framework, Apkudo Ape. David has heavy research experience in embedded systems, with a focus in digital signal processing and wireless communication between a wide range of processors and platforms. As an avid Android hacker, he spends most of his time patching APKs, hacking Android cores, and drinking insane amounts of Red Bull. David's most recent project has been building the Scramble with Friends Top Scoring Robot using APK code injection and Apkudo Ape. In his free time, David loves to play tennis, guitar, and taking long walks on the beach with his special lady friend.
Twitter : @davtbaum
Kiana TennysonKiana Tennyson(Click here for classes)
Kiana is a software engineer at Manheim, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, headquartered in Atlanta. She has been working in the software industry, developing Web and mobile applications alongside some amazing developers since 2005. She graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science, and has experience in Java (her fave), Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS, among other tools.

When she’s not working, she is thinking about work, or listening to her coworkers argue the pros and cons of various software, tools, IDEs and SDKs, while quietly forming opinions. She also enjoys walking her dog or learning another song on the piano.
Twitter : @kiaaaana
Kristan 'Krispy' UccelloKristan 'Krispy' Uccello(Click here for classes)
Kristan 'Krispy' is a Developer Programs Engineer for Google TV, avid paintballer, snowboarder, occasional privateer, passionate technologist and all-around excited geek.

He has worked in the industry for over 14 years for big and small companies (and even started a few). Right now, he is helping other trailblazing developers to realize their goals on Google TV from the Google offices in Mountain View, CA.
Twitter : @_krispy_
Muhammad UlislamMuhammad Ulislam(Click here for classes)
Muhammad is a developer marketing manager for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the worldwide trade association for Bluetooth technology. He has more than 10 years of software development experience on embedded platforms, developing multimedia stacks, and Bluetooth enabled applications. One of his main responsibilities at the Bluetooth SIG is managing the Bluetooth Developer Portal, which helps developers convert their cool new ideas into successful applications and services using Bluetooth technology.

Muhammad also manages training programs for Bluetooth SIG, carrying out Bluetooth Low Energy training sessions and speaking at Bluetooth SIG events.
Peter van der LindenPeter van der Linden(Click here for classes)
Peter has worked on mobile phone software since the days when cell phones were used to make voice calls, and desktop PCs were used for website browsing. These days, it’s the other way around: We use VOIP from our desktop PCs, and browse on the go from our mobile phones.

Peter is also the author of several award-winning books on programming in Java and C. He is the creator of several software patents, and a technology evangelist with Immersion. Immersion provides software for haptic (touch and vibration) effects on mobile phones.
Alan ViveretteAlan Viverette(Click here for classes)
Alan is a software engineer at Google. Currently, he's working to improve accessibility on the Android platform for users with visual impairments. He is the lead developer for TalkBack, Android's screen-reading service. Prior to Google, Alan worked at Bump Technologies on their Android client.
Jason WeissJason Weiss(Click here for classes)
Jason has an exceptional background in software engineering, cryptology and computer security, dating back to his service in the US Navy as a cryptologist during the first Gulf War. He is the author of "Java Cryptography Extensions" and the inventor of the patented Volume Mount Authentication computer security technology. He was also recognized in 2000 by the NSA as a talented security designer of critical infrastructure protection. 

Jason has lectured internationally, including numerous presentations at past AnDevCon conferences, SD West, Sybase TechWave, and a keynote on NFC development at the 2008 WIMA European NFC Developers Summit in Monaco. He is the former Chief Software Architect for Over-C, a U.K. company specializing in NFC, and the former Chief Software Architect at Tag Dynamics, a company specializing in NFC workflow solutions.
Mike WolfsonMike Wolfson(Click here for classes)
Mike currently works for Epocrates, leading a team working on mobile collaboration solutions for the healthcare industry. A passionate mobile designer and developer, Mike has been working in the software field for more than 15 years, covering Android since its introduction. He has a successful app, Droid Of The Day, in the Play Store and is an active contributor to the tech community, including organizing the GDG in his area. He is also putting the finishing touches on his book "Mastering the Android Developer Tools."

Mike has spoken about Android and mobile development at a variety of user groups and conferences, including every AnDevCon. When he is not geeking out about phones, he enjoys the outdoors (snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving), collecting PEZ dispensers, and chasing his young (but quick) daughter at home in Phoenix.
Twitter : @mikewolfson
Karim YaghmourKarim Yaghmour(Click here for classes)
Karim is CEO of Opersys, which specializes in Android and Embedded Linux training and development, and best defines himself as part serial entrepreneur, part unrepentant geek. He is most widely known for having written “Building Embedded Linux Systems,” which sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and has been translated into several different languages.

Karim pioneered the world of Linux tracing by introducing the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) in the late 1990s. He continued maintaining LTT through 2005, and was joined in this effort by developers from several companies, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Intel. LTT users have included Google, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Alcatel, Nortel, Ericsson, Qualcomm, NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Sony, Samsung, NEC, Fujitsu, SGI, Red Hat, Thales, Oerlikon, Bull, Motorola, ARM and ST Micro. Other contributions include relayfs and Adeos.

Karim has presented and been published as part of a number of peer-reviewed scientific conferences, magazines and online publications, including Usenix, the Linux Kernel Summit, the Ottawa Linux Symposium, Linux Journal, the O'Reilly Network, and the Real-Time Linux Workshop.
Twitter : @karimyaghmour