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Tuesday, December 4
Full-Day Tutorial
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Android Development Boot Camp Has code image

New to Android development? This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to Android application development and the tools essential to the process. Beyond an introduction to the basics, this workshop also covers some of the common hurdles met with development, and how to overcome them. You will be equipped with the fundamentals needed to get the most out of AnDevCon, so you are ready to tackle real-world Android development tasks.

Bring your laptop. This workshop will start with helping you get your tools installed and running. You will then be introduced to the different tools used in Android development and how they work.

We will progress through the key concepts of Android application development with many code examples and hands-on modules. You will also have the opportunity to build an Android app of your own where you can apply what you learn in the workshop.

You will also be provided with recommended online resources to continue learning after the workshop and conference is over. Please have some development experience with other tools or platforms, preferably with Java.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials
Building and Distributing Social Apps with Facebook Platform and Open Graphstarburst image Has code image

Whether you're developing against native, hybrid, or Web-based Android
stacks, Facebook Platform provides powerful ways to put social interaction at the heart of your apps. And, for developers and businesses, the platform brings strong discovery, growth and engagement opportunities through Facebook's social distribution channels.

This full-day workshop will introduce key features of Facebook Platform with deeper dives delivered through live-coding examples. You will be guided through Facebook Android integration for native apps and Facebook Android PhoneGap and Cordova integration for mobile Web apps. We'll also explore the theory of Open Graph and show you how to build a Timeline app.

We'll talk about how you can use the social channels and games APIs to build a successful game on Android. This will also include topics on monetization and promotion strategies. We'll demo a game to highlight the key features and provide the best practices around game design on Facebook.

We'll also cover some advanced topics such as internationalization,
performance optimizations when making API calls, and setting up
your test environment and users. Additionally, we cover how to best optimize for distribution and installs, including advanced social channel features, story design best practices, Sponsored  Stories, and Insights instrumentation and analysis.

Level: Advanced
Topic Area: Developer Essentials
Embedded Android Workshop Has code image image

While Android has been created for mobile devices—phones first and now tablets—it can nonetheless be used as the basis for any touch-screen system, whether it be mobile or not. Essentially, Android is a custom-built embedded Linux distribution with a very elaborate and rich set of user-space abstractions, APIs, services and virtual machines.

This one-day workshop is aimed at embedded developers wanting to build touch-based embedded systems using Android. It will cover Android from the ground up, enabling developers to get a firm hold on the components that make up Android and how they need to be adapted to an embedded system.

Specifically, we will start by introducing Android's overall architecture, and then proceed to peel Android's layer one-by-one. First, we will cover the Android Open Source Project, the open-source project under which Android's source code is released. We will then dig into the native Android user space and Android's power tools, and cover how hardware support is implemented in Android. Given that Android is built on top of Linux, we will also go over some embedded Linux tricks and see how the kernel is modified to support the Android user space. In addition, we will look at the System Server, the Android Framework and core Android applications, and how to customize them.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Embedded Android
Half-Day Tutorial
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Easy Mobile: Making Your Application Easier to Use Has code image

This hands-on workshop will consist of critiques and walkthroughs of your applications with an eye to making them easier to use.  We will do some user testing and bounce ideas off each other. We will hack up screens and look for ways to better meet your goals.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone leaves this workshop with at least 1-3 usability improvements made to their application, and a list of 2-3 other things that can be done.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials
Securing User Data with SQLCipherstarburst image Has code image

Security is an ever-increasing area of importance in mobile development, Android in particular. While the OS continues to advance its intrinsic security capabilities, app developers need to do their part as well. One key tool in the developer's security tool chest is SQLCipher for Android, an encrypted form of the SQLite database. In this half-day workshop, we will discuss:
  • How to replace your current SQLite usage with SQLCipher for Android.
  • How to collect passwords from users and confirm that they are strong passwords.
  • How to use SQLCipher for Android as a backing store for files and SharedPreferences.
NOTE: Although it is not required, it is recommended you have an app on hand to apply the techniques in real time.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Pretty Mobile: Making Your Application Look Sexy Has code image

If you ever find yourself making graphical decisions on your application, this session is for you. This hands-on workshop will consist of critiques and walkthroughs of your applications with an eye to making them look amazing.  We will open up Photoshop and hack up screens and try new things.  

We will look at best practice applications and give some tips on how to get there. Our goal is to make sure that everyone leaves this workshop with a list of design improvements that you can make to your own applications — and a list of other things to be done as well.  We can't make you a designer in one workshop, but we can help you with that next step up.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials
Running Android Applications on BlackBerry 10 image

The BlackBerry Runtime for Android app allows developers to quickly and easily repackage their existing Android applications to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Attend this half-day workshop and learn from the Android subject-matter expert within the BlackBerry Developer Relations team to see how easy it is to deploy and expose your apps to a brand new audience via BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry ecosystem allows Android developers the opportunity to extend their user base and monetize their existing apps to a growing subscriber base of over 80 million users. Topics discussed during this workshop include BlackBerry development basics, upcoming releases, how to convert your existing Android app, and BlackBerry App World.

Be sure to stop by the BlackBerry booth in the conference hall to speak with members of the BlackBerry Developer Relations team, where you can repackage your Android app and submit it to BlackBerry App World right on the spot!

This workshop is sponsored by RIM.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Android Tablets and Beyond, Developer Essentials
Talk to Your Toaster: Developing Android Accessories Has code image

In the last year, the opportunity for Android applications to connect with other devices has exploded. Technologies such as USB, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth have rich APIs in the SDK, making them viable modes through which an application can communicate with the outside world.

In this half-day workshop, we will look in-depth at the APIs available in Android to connect with external hardware and the basics developers need to get up and running with each.  We will explore the USB framework, including host mode and the Open Accessory protocol.  Attendees will also learn about communicating via RFCOMM and device profiles over Bluetooth.

Although this workshop is not directly hands-on, sample code for both the Android and firmware side will be provided. Experience and familiarity with embedded development platforms such as Arduino is helpful, as we will be exploring some accessory firmware.  An understanding of the basics of USB and/or Bluetooth technology is also a plus.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials