AnDevCon D.C. 2017 Keynote

Your Android mobile app training experience shouldn’t be limited to deep-dive Android tutorials and great app development classes. You also deserve some high-level inspiration and vision on the future of Android and mobile technology. At AnDevCon, we will present you with keynote speakers who will inspire and challenge you.

Buckle your seat belts and prepare to be transported!

Tuesday, July 18 • 9:30 am - 10:30 am  | What's New with the Google Assistant and Google's IoT Platform

Google has a wide range of new platforms and tools to support the vision of ubiquitous computing, so users can interact with services wherever and whenever it makes sense for them. Learn how Android Things and Weave can be used to simplify the development and production of IoT devices. Hear how the Google Assistant enables users to have conversations with your Actions. See how Android phones, Android Wear, and Android Auto allow users to interact with your service anytime and anywhere. Come and learn about the exciting new opportunities for developers to create compelling experiences for users beyond mobile.
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Wayne Piekarski is a Developer Advocate at Google, focusing on the Internet of Things and the Google Assistant. He has worked for 15 years in academia and industry in the areas of wearable computing, outdoor augmented reality, 3D user interfaces, and mobile devices. He works to get developers excited about new technologies through conferences, social media, and training materials. He also works to advocate for developers within Google, ensuring developers have the right tools and information to support their work.