Good news! Android 7.1 Developer Preview Coming Soon

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Android Nougat will strictly enforce verified boot

Google is increasing its efforts to ensure the safety of its users. The company has been using verified boot as one of its multiple layers of protection. Verified boot is designed to improve security by ensuring cryptographic integrity. Since Marshmallow, Google has been alerting users about their system integrity, but starting with Android 7 (Nougat), it will be taking its efforts even further.

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Last Developer Preview Rolled Out for Android Nougat


Google has released Developer Preview 5, the last and final preview incarnation of Android Nougat before its release coming late this summer.

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Android N APIs Finalized in Developer Preview 4 Release


Google released the the fourth Developer Preview for Android N with the final SDK, and the final APIs for the N release are set. Developers can start downloading the final SDK through the SDK Manager in Android N.

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Android N Notifications Explained

Notifications are often the first interaction users have with an app, and are equally important for user retention. In Android N, Google has made a few changes to the notification layer to improve the user experience and make it easier for developers to keep users engaged with their app.

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Android heading for major tools update

It wouldn’t be Google I/O without a healthy dose of Android news to discuss, and this year’s event, though vastly different in appearances, still contained numerous new tidbits on Android N and the future of the mobile device platform.

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Google announces Android Studio 2.1 with Android N Developer Preview support

Android developers looking to test Google’s upcoming operating system can now do so through Android Studio. Google announced an update to its integrated development environment with support for the Android N Developer Preview.

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Android N developer preview on Sony Xperia

A select number of Sony Xperia Z3 devices will be getting access to the Android N Developer Preview in order for developers to try out and give feedback on the upcoming software. Xperia Z3 versions D6603 and D6653 will be able to flash the preview.

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Android N adds features for developers

As Google prepares to release Android N later this year, developers and users are beginning to dig through the changes proposed for this new version of the mobile operating system. Some of the changes in N include the inclusion of an always-on VPN, the addition of direct boot mode, and the merging of two compiler types.

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Google Previews Android N

Google is giving developers an early look into its upcoming Android operating system: Android N. The company said it is giving developers the preview earlier than usual in order to give them more time to address feedback and make changes.

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