Google describes ‘what’s new and awesome’ in its latest releases

Google revealed a lot of information about its operating system and developer tools at Google I/O back in May, and here at AnDevCon today, Google Platform Developer Relations lead Timothy Jordan reiterated much of the information while sprinkling in some new features and plans. The overarching theme of his talk was to help developers create apps, grow the user base, and earn money.

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Google announces Android Studio 2.1 with Android N Developer Preview support

Android developers looking to test Google’s upcoming operating system can now do so through Android Studio. Google announced an update to its integrated development environment with support for the Android N Developer Preview.

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Android Studio 2.0 launched with faster emulator, Instant Run command

The last time Google released features for Android Studio 2.0 in beta, the goal was to improve the overall app development experience. With the stable version of Android Studio 2.0, Google hopes these new features will help developers create better apps, leading to a faster workflow for them.

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New features in Android Studio 2.0 announced

Google wants to improve the overall app development experience in Android Studio. The company has announced a 2.0 beta release of the official Android IDE that provides performance and emulator speed enhancements.

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Google engineers detail future of Android Studio 2.0

Android Developer Conference had its second-day keynote this morning, given by a trio of Googlers from the Android team. In their talk, the three engineers explained some of the changes in Android Studio 2.0, and showed off some of their plans for the future of the IDE.

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Google releases Android Studio 2.0 preview

Google today announced the preview release of Android Studio, the company’s developer environment for mobile applications that focuses on speed of delivery and testing Android apps for every device.

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Android Studio 1.4 Released

Android 1.4 is here with added features for design

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Google announces Android Studio 1.3

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Android Studio 1.3 RC available for devs with C/C++ and NDK support

Google has announced the release candidate of Android Studio 1.3 to the Canary developer channel. Android Studio 1.3 RC includes full preview support for C/C++ and the Android NDK. The NDK improves build performance with new versions of Grade and build tools.

More information can be found here.

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Android Studio 1.0 arrives

Android Studio 1.0, a new environment for building native Android applications that Google first teased at Google I/O 2013, has arrived. The new IDE was released in preview a year later at Google I/O 2014, but today marks the official availability of version 1.0.

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