Reusing features in different flows of your app with Dagger

Problem Statement

Imagine that your app provides Fingerprint authentication. Your users will have to enable it manually. They can do it either after they register into your app (Registration Flow) or once they've logged in (In App – Settings).

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Keddit — Part 10: Kotlin & Dagger 2 (Dependency Injection)

Part 10: Kotlin & Dagger 2

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I have to be honest with you and say that I didn’t have any plans to write about Dagger 2 in the Keddit app. In fact, I was about to write the last article with some conclusions about the Kotlin language, but I really like Dagger as a dependency injection framework, and nowadays it’s a hot topic as it’s being used heavily in many Android apps. So, let’s talk a little bit about Dagger 2 in Kotlin and the required steps to have it working in the app.

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