Firebase Storage and Additional Tools

Throughout this series we've covered a lot of the available tools in Firebase for Android developers. In this article we'll finish up by going over Firebase Storage, as well as some of the non code based features of Firebase, such as web hosting and device test lab.

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Customizing User Experience and Engagement Through Firebase

While getting users to install your app is no easy task, keeping users engaged can be even more of a challenge. In this tutorial we will explore a few of the tools available through Firebase for Android to not only keep users engaged and interested in your application, but to also bring in new users.

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Firebase Series: Authentication

As you may have guessed, the user creation and login processes can be complicated and cumbersome. Not only does each provider have its own unique caveats, but keeping track of Android device and authentication state is a beast in and of itself, as can be seen in the following flow chart.

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5 Ways to Increase Earnings and Retention with Firebase

Google’s new version of Firebase reduces the myriad of services developers use to keep track of usage statistics, data storage, and monetization into a single unified back end. Tied in with Google Analytics, Firebase provides new ways to segment and reach out to an app’s audience, reducing friction and increasing earnings. Here are five ways it can be used to keep users engaged, spending, and sharing your app:

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Firebase: the New Hotness in Android Development

Google announced new additions for Firebase at I/O 16 that redefines it as a unified back end for apps. As part of the upgrade, Firebase will now provide a fully integrated back end and analytics platform for app developers. The new feature set comes just in time for mobile app developers as Facebook has scheduled the shuttering of its popular BaaS platform Parse.

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