Mark Wickham: Have a Blast with Android Audio

Designing apps for the unbelievable diversity of Android devices out there can be a challenge, especially when it comes to audio. That's where Mark Wickham comes in. Mark cut his teeth on enterprise grade apps for tablets, and now as an Android veteran from the Donut days, he does frelance development in China. Mark is part of a special group of AnDevCon speakers that started as attendees, and he was happy to donate some time to answer some questions on Android audio.

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Joe Birch: Designing an App That Looks Good Everywhere

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AnDevCon AMA with Yash Prabhu on Material Design


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ADC AMA About Espresso with Jim White

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Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Dave Smith

“If you are waiting to jump on the bandwagon to start using Lollipop, or to start developing for Lollipop specific stuff, don’t wait. Get in there now. This is one of the biggest releases we’ve seen in a long time.”

When it comes to Android, Dave Smith knows his stuff. He's worked in all levels of the Android platform, developing for about 5 years now at various consulting angencies and independently, and has been most fascinated as of late with running Android in the embedded environment. Above are just some of the insights Dave provides in this quick, insightful, look at the state of things, as the world rapidly changes and as we embrace the likes of Android Lollipop and Android Studio.

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Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Larry Schiefer

Larry Schiefer sat down with Doug Bateman to talk the latest in Android security, innovations in the language, Android Studio, Gradle, and the process he took to be vetted as a Google Developer Expert. In addition to serving as CTO at HiQES, an app development shop, Larry teaches trainings at NewCircle and his knowledge dips down into all corners of the stack.

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Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Juan Gomez

Juan Gomez is a Senior Mobile Engineer at Eventbrite and loves Android. We’ve had the pleasure to film Juan a few times in the past, he’s always been the nicest guy, and he really seems to enjoy sharing Android concepts with other devs, learning, and uncovering better practices and strategies for writing applications.

He spoke at AnDevCon this year, and on our panel on Scaling Android Development, but we caught up with him in between sessions to chat. Juan discusses App Indexing, libraries, new features in Android, the most exciting things to come out of Android this year, and where he’d like to see Android go in the future.

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Interview Sessions from AnDevCon: Bear Douglas on Twitter Fabric

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TechnologyAdvice: Doug Sillars - AT&T - ARO + FNA

How to Create Better Performing Apps with Free Developer Tools from AT&T

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