'Rxify': The Anti Cache-then-Network OR Network-then-Cache Problem

By - @ragdroid (Twitter, Medium)

We all have heard about the classic “Cache-First then Network” problem. If not, then let’s discuss about it a bit. Cache-First then Network problem states that:

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Starting with RxJava is (not) Hard!

Writen by Aitor Viana

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Crash Course on RxJava with Thomas Nield (Part 2)

Observables and Timing

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Crash Course on RxJava with Thomas Nield (Part 1)

A Quick Introduction

If you follow news on Android or Java development, chances are you have heard the phrase "reactive programming" more than once. Proving to be more than a trend, it is becoming harder to ignore thanks to Netflix's maturing implementation of RxJava. To raise its pertinence even more, Android jobs are increasingly listing RxJava as a skill requirement.

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