AnDevCon is the technical conference for software developers and engineers building Android apps. Offering mobile app development training, embedded Android secrets, and Android app development tutorials and classes, AnDevCon is the biggest, most info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world.


Choose from more than 75 app development classes and in-depth Android development tutorials designed to take your Android development skills to the next level!

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San Francisco Bay Area
Santa Clara, CA
December 1-3, 2015


Android is

But AnDevCon
is where you
should be!

• 75+ tech classes and tutorials
• Meet Google and Google Development Experts
• 35+ expert speakers and practitioners
• 50+ third party vendors
• Awesome networking
• Women in Android Luncheon
• Receptions, ice cream, prizes and more
(plus lots of coffee!)


Who Should Attend?

• Android developers
• Software engineers
• Design engineers
• Software developers
• Project managers
• App developers
• Embedded developers
• UI designers
• Programmers
• Software architects
• Product managers

Android Conference -2GUYS
Check Out The Classes At AnDevCon
AnDevCon Classes and Tutorials
AnDevCon Classes and Tutorials
AnDevCon Classes and Tutorials

• Android Lollipop 5.0 • Gradle • Android Studio • NFC
• UI/UX • Android Wear • Embedded Android
• ViewGroup, WebView, TextView and RecyclerView • Material Design
• Memory Management • Battery Consumption • Android Runtime (ART)
• Concurrency and Android Thread Communications
• Animation • Android Security • Testing and Debugging
• Enterprise Android Apps • Bluetooth LE
• Android TV •  Automotive Android
• Push Messaging • Notifications
• Camera 2 APIs • High-Performance Android Apps • HTML Hybrid Apps
• Android Emulator • Deep Linking • Google Cast
• Retrofit •  App Indexing • Android Development 101
• Location Services for Android
• App Search Optimization • Project Ara
• Host Card Emulation (HCE)
• Cloud-Powered Android Apps
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Boston 2014

San Francisco 2014

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Learn from top Android development experts in the industry like...

Stephen Barnes



Aparna Chennapragada



Samuel Edwards


Capital One

Mike Hines



Dario Laverde



Jennifer W. Lin

Jennifer W.


G. Blake Meike

G. Blake


Dave Smith



Doug Stevenson


Karim Yaghmour



Junfeng Yang


Columbia University

Android is the hottest mobile platform - and AnDevCon is the hottest development conference offering mobile app development training.


But you'll learn from more than just our app development classes and Android development tutorials!


You'll also find hundreds of experienced developers and engineers like you for great networking in between classes.


Hang out and network with colleagues as well as our expert speakers at coffee breaks, lunches and our fabulous Attendee Reception!

Android Conference - Women Lunch
Android Conference - Women

Women in Android Luncheon

Want to network and make friends with other women in Android? Attend the Women in Android Luncheon! Discuss various topics that will interest Android Developers and users alike. Discuss your perspective, the applications you use, the future that you see for Android, and learn from other's stories!

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Women in Android Luncheon"AnDevCon is full of excellent content. I learned a lot about eye-opening technology and design ideas."
-Lauren Yew, Software Developer, ZixCorp

What your friends are saying about AnDevCon

"AnDevCon is hands down the best venue for acquiring massive amounts of Android knowledge.  You won't find a more concentrated group of top Android professionals anywhere else. I enjoyed the wide variety of topics for the sessions as well as the quality of the companies represented in the exhibit hall."

Jay Dellinger
Advisory Software Engineer

"AnDevCon has a tremendous range of topics and speakers for all levels of developers. It is an excellent networking opportunity."

Mary-Anne Cosgrove
Senior Developer Consultant

"A great experience and great conference! We had an amazing time and will return again. AnDevCon is well worth the time and money!"

Edward Murphy
Senior Application Developer
Capital One

"It was another great show. AnDevCon is just the best and worth the money."

John J. Ross
BlueFin Technical Services

"AnDevCon is the best conference to learn the industry trends for Android development and to stay up-to-date with the latest technology."

Jose Solis
Software Engineer
IT College

"Come to learn what the leading apps are doing, the best practices in many aspects of Android development, and to meet the authors of some of the most popular Android development books."

Rong Zhang
Software Engineer
Viacom Media Network

"AnDevCon is a great way to stay current with Android technologies."

Jeff Fassler
Senior Engineer
Sharp Labs of America

"AnDevCon is a great way to learn about new techniques and uses for Android that you didn't necessarily know about."

Anika Landon
Senior Software Engineer
PatientKeeper Inc

"AnDevCon is a great conference.  Attend it even if you go to Google I/O."

Ahmad Elmardini
Software Engineer
ThermoFisher Scientific

Exhibitors and Sponsors
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